Zen-Shiatsu mässa!

Spring has come finally and it is time to enjoy ”Zen-Shiatsu mässa”! Come and try the cozy and healthy
Japanese traditional health therapy.

22/4 (Sat) Trial session in Cherry blossom festival
10 minutes Zen-Shiatsu experience in the booth at Cherry blossom festival (in the chair with clothes on)
Place; Kungsträdgården
Opening hours; 10:00-17:00
Price; 60kr/10 min
No reservation needed unless there is a line.

23/4 (Sun) One-day Zen-Shiatsu clinic
45 minutes whole body Zen-Shiatsu treatment by four Japanese therapists.
Place; Bujin kan To nan Dojo (Swedenborgsgatan 7)
Schedule; 12:30-13:15, 13:30-14:15, 14:30-15:15, 15:30-16:15
Price; 400kr/45 min
Reservation only. For reservation: nagomikontor@gmail.com
(Please indicate your name, mobile number and preferable therapy time)

24/4 (Mon) Zen-Shiatsu workshop
Study and experience Zen-Shiatsu.
1. Zen-Shiatsu demonstration (including backbone therapy demonstration).
2. Zen-Shiatsu that you can do at home.
3. Try Zen-Shiatsu each other.
4. Zen-Shiatsu exercise.
5. Zen-Shiatsu self-therapy.
Place; Equmind (Allhelgonagatan 6)
Schedule; 18:30-20:00
Price; 100kr
Reservation only. For reservation: nagomikontor@gmail.com
(Please indicate your name and mobile number)

We are looking forward to see you in the Zen-Shiatsu mässa!!

“What is Zen-Shiatsu?”
Zen-Shiatsu is a special kind of Shiatsu (a Japanese traditional manipulative therapy) which was composed by Mr. Shizuto Masunaga especially for the clinical treatment. Therapists of Zen-Shiatsu cure patients by
using Shiatsu techniques and Oriental Medicine theory. The original name in Japan is “Keiraku Shiatsu”.
However, “Keiraku” means Meridians and is a technical term of Oriental Medicine. Mr. Masunaga introduced it as “Zen-Shiatsu” to the Western world, so that people can understand the concept easily.

Masami Fujisaki From Tokyo. National certificated Shiatsu therapist, lecturer of
Zen-Shiatsu, Zen-Shiatsu association Japan vice-president.
After she graduated Shiatsu vocational school in Japan, she established Zen-Shiatsu association Japan with
her husband at 1987. Since then, she is working hard to spread the Zen-Shiatsu to the world and
educate new therapist. She has been working as a specialist for Zen-Shiatsu and gave clinical therapies for 30 years.
Eri Maeda From Tokyo. Massage therapist, acupuncturist and care support specialist. She has been working as massage therapist for 13 years. She certificated for care support specialist (care
manager) at 2010. After that, she is also working for the nursing insurance. She has been supporting the
patients to increase their quality of life.
Junko Goi From Tokyo. Graduated Shiatsu vocational school (Namikoshi Gakuen) in
Japan. She possesses great enthusiasm for combining the analytical aspects of Western medicine and the
holistic aspects of Eastern medicine. After she experienced the great east Japan earthquake, she wanted to
help people more directly and she became Shiatsu therapist.
Makiko Kanno From Stockholm. Tai-Chi instructor for 27 years. After she learned the
Swedish classic massage at Axelson Swedish Massage School in Japan, she moved to Stockholm and
continued her career as a Tai-Chi instructor and a massage therapist. At 2015, she finished the course for
Zen-Shiatsu in Japan and got a certification. After she came back to Stockholm, she has been combining the Swedish oil massage and Zen-Shiatsu to cure patients in her therapies.